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Capacitive screen drift

Category:News Release date:2018-07-23 14:05:43

Capacitive screens so-called "drift", mainly referring to the following situations:


Touch operation malfunction, or touch point A, but then the point B of touch response 2, but make a malfunction, that is, physical or conductive materials near the screen, there is no touch, made a touch response.


Touch operation, no action, that is, with your fingers to touch the touch screen, but the screen does not make touch response.


It is because of the capacitive screen works, which leads to the existence of a "drift" phenomenon. Clarify the working principle of the capacitive screen; it is easy to know the cause of the capacitive screen "drift".


Some main reason is as follows:

1, electrostatic

Dependent electric field due to capacitive screen positioning, so very slight static, it will lead to the occurrence of the phenomenon of "drift". If electrostatic discharge occurs, and may even permanently damage the capacitive screen.


2, the magnetic field

The magnetic field produces an electric field; capacitive touch panel in a strong magnetic field will produce the phenomenon of "drift". The magnetic field is too strong or prolonged in a strong magnetic field, perhaps even permanent damage to the capacitive screen.


3, the conductive material

Attached to the conductive material on the screen, such as oil, perspiration, water vapor will lead to the occurrence of the phenomenon of "drift" If you accidentally flow into the inside of the screen, and may even permanent damage to the capacitive touch panel and other components.


4, the ambient temperature and humidity

The capacitive screen the optimum operating temperature is 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ Operating Humidity 30% ~ 90% non-condensing, not satisfied with the work environment, there may appear to "drift

Shift "phenomenon. Capacitive touch screen storage temperature is -20 ° C to 60 ° C, storage, transport in the high or low temperatures may also damage the capacitive screen.

Of particular note is the capacitive screen is afraid of high temperature exposure in the sunlight for a long time or a long time in high temperature environments, and possible permanent damage to the capacitive screen. Charge lead to the screen fever, please wait for the screen temperature to reduce the re-use.


5, the voltage

Low battery voltage or voltage instability may lead to the capacitive screen "drift" phenomenon. The use of high-quality batteries and timely charge their cell phones can avoid voltage problems caused by drift.


6, the physical damage

Shock and vibration damage to the protective layer of silica glass and / or ITO, can cause permanent damage to the capacitive screen, resulting in "drift" and even lead to total loss of capacitive screen. Therefore, in the storage, transportation, try to avoid a substantial vibration and impact; put an end to vigorously tap use, thereby protecting the capacitive screen, to extend the service life.


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