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Advantages and Disadvantages of Capacitive Touch Screen

Category:News Release date:2018-09-05 14:16:02

A special feature of capacitive touch screen is that it is only responsive to the human touch. In case of any outer touch it does not response. It facilitates to clean the screen with the help of fabric. No unintended command does not harm the screen and does not create hazard to the applications. It gives comparatively better image as compared to resistive touch screen.


Capacitive touch screen gives good response this is because they are acute observer of the slight touch. They are finely tuned to any type of conductive material. Resistive touch screen is made up of three layers which results in bad image but capacitive is thin layered glass screen and able to give comparatively sharp image but even then not as sharp as of Acoustic wave touch screens.  


A disadvantage of capacitive touch screen lies inside in its advantage. Where human touch makes work easy and quick on small and standard sized appliances there it becomes problem on a wide screen or if it is placed at higher place. Like it is not suitable for projectors because you cannot use hand everywhere and it becomes difficult to explain a higher point on the projector where your hand is not able to reach.


It is not operate able even with stylus until up till it is of conductive material. If you are wearing gloves for capacitive touch screen you have to remove it. Also if you want to work speedily with the pencil in your hand not to waste time in first placing it on the table for the screen use and then again pick up you just get exhaust and fed up with this fatigue. If your finger is wet again it fails to detect the touch.


One more disadvantage of capactitive touch screen not in a particular sense though, it is expensive. On one side the resulting image is not perfect while on the other side offer high pricing which hinders it making a niche market. They offer less durability hence short life is another drawback.


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