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一、Business concept : Pepople-oriented ,Business integrity, seeking excellent, Creating win-win situation Notes :Our company pay attention to the training of the qualified people ,the building of the team ,insist the

honest faithful management style .


二、Quality Policy : Quality first ,reputation as the most important ,scientific management , continuous improvement Notes :Quality first , which means we would establish the quality of survival ,quality and development of consciousness ,provide the products with higher quality and the efficient service to the customers 




The description of the company logo :

Structure :The general size of log is constituted by five linds , at the meantime to gear shape with buckle . 

Every Herringbone interlocking to form a hollow pentagon. Light and dark colors are divided, left deep, right side a little shallow. Icon as a whole is a circle, within a square   Are five main mood all over the world, one of which is representative of all staff Feng Lun, and the other four is the meaning of his mouth, talented people from the whole world. Two main lines were shaped by each composed of five-sided room shape, exactly the meaning of talented persons. Business enterprises at the top also happens to be the word, lost Ren difficult to maintain business, but also represents the company's talent is needed. It is because there can be constructed as a people learn together, grow together rich homes. Lun Feng reflects the people-oriented philosophy, the attitude of excellence. Icon within the circle of foreign very deep meaning, representing the abundance upright and righteous ethics, diligence and wisdom, broad mind the meaning. As a driving force icon distance round, long, and never stop. Lun Feng will toward China, flying out of Asia.


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